My name is Yasmin.

I am a curious person who has been a personal and professional development enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I am also a qualified coach, human resource professional and a regular person with real career and life experiences to share.

The Inner Way Worx Blog is my passion project, I am inviting you into my world and my experiences. I’m offering my knowledge and the opportunity to join me on a mission to courageously search inward for the creative solutions that will craft and build a unique professional pathway. We will explore the internal space that drives our choices and learn to seek answers from within ourselves rather than taking cues from the external environment around us.

In today’s world of work employers are more interested in attracting employees that can operate with both their head and their heart. Yes you heard that right, leading with emotional intelligence, your heart and intuition is highly valued. ‘Hard skills’ like technical ability and expertise are important but this is no longer enough. We must show that we are multi-faceted and adaptable. I believe that if we take the time to cultivate emotional intelligence and develop our ‘soft skills’ we learn how to holistically take care of our professional brand.

Our work life is part of our whole life, we spend so much time at our “job”. I think it’s more than worthwhile putting time into developing ourselves (don’t you?). I have personally found that personal development and self-knowledge is essential to career wellbeing and a sense of alignment with purpose.

Is this blog for you?

If you have found the traditional way no longer serves you and you are ready to calve out a new path, have more autonomy over your future and lead with both your head and your heart. Yes this blog is for you.

We will explore soft skills like self-awareness, self-motivation, adaptability, social awareness, creativity and more. I’ll also share some of the techniques of design thinking, and positive psychology that can support you to ‘play’ with the idea of trying something different, messing up, stepping out of the norm, and creating unique, or even rebellious and courageous solutions to your career blocks or challenges.

I’m not saying drop everything and take a sabbatical to meditate on the true ‘you’ for a year, this blog is about systematically taking steps forward to create a new blueprint, align with your true professional/personal brand and makes career choices from the inside-out.

Yasmin Willmott
B Couns (Coaching), GradDip Car Ed & Dev , HR professional, Career Coach, educator and facilitator